Naiken Peperusha, AW (S)

21 March 2003 - 10 March 2018

Hips 4:5

Elbows 0:0

Optigen tested Normal/Clear for prcd1-PRA


- Agility Warrant Bronze and Silver.

- August 2009 qualified to compete in the Starters Cup semi-final

   at the Kennel Club International Agility Festival

- August 2010, won into Grade 2 agility

- Awarded the Spartan Tribute trophy for ABC of the Year 2010

   from Red Kite agility

- August 2011 qualified for the Kennel Club Starters agility cup

   final to be held in November 2011 at Discover Dogs.

- 10th overall in the Kennel Club Starters Cup final 2011


She is now enjoying her retirement from agility and working on the local shoot


Thank you to Red Kite Agility for all the training, help and support we have had since joining the club in 2008.


Tusha Tusha 1 Tusha swimming with dummy 1 Tusha 1 171 edited - web

Fairywood's Romeo x Naiken Liquorice